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Whogohost, a Nigerian based web hosting firm is highly over rated, I recently made a post on best rated Nigerian based web hosting firms and whogohost was among the first four choices I selected based on my previous experience in 2016 and all my friends on Nairalands

This is not a review but an encounter which should guide you on what to expect from whogohost or any Nigerian based web hosting company for now, My message to  my Nigerian web hosting firms :  if you really you guys want us to buy “Naija to grow Naija”, you have to give us the best,

Would you blame president Buhari for his medical trip to London? He knows that Nigeria will always remain Nigeria; Life is precious to be experimented on!  Before they will give him expired drug imported from China, hahaha, seriously? Same goes to your online presence, your life online greatly depends on your web host and you can’t play hide & seek with it,

So the point here is

Web hosting in Nigeria is still far from being realistic if this experience is what to go by, So I am also advising the management of whogohost Nigeria to step up their game this is really bad,


A friend of mine requested I should assist him to come up with a nice blog interface for mentorship and couching, (It takes me little or nothing to do since it’s my area of expertise) on requesting for server login information, WOW since it’s whogohost, I had the confidence on reliability of the host, so I proceeded to start work, on the first night I tried uploading a theme through WordPress interface, after a long time of waiting, the response  I got a was a PHP.INI warning on over exceeded upload limit,  The theme was only 5.4MB. Hmm knowing full well I can’t upload the theme using the WordPress interface I contacted my friend requesting for his control panel  logins in order to enable me to upload from file his manager,    work began, after uploading the 5.4mb theme in zip format inside the themes folder, I extracted  it and proceed to WordPress admin, activate the theme,

However everything was pretty messed up,  “a lot of errors”, my theme  cannot work properly due to my server settings, most pre-installed plugins are not left out, even the demo import feature couldn’t function, this new development dashed my hope on using the theme, I had to relax till next day maybe to figure out a new theme

Next Day Next Wahala

Straight from bed to the web, I got another new theme to replace the failed one, this new theme is 17MB in size and obviously I must use the file manager to upload it; however, this is where the most annoying issue arose.

It took more than 4 minutes for file manager to open under 3G connections; while I was waiting I decided to log in to my web4africa cpanel. within seconds I was in, this event raised my suspicion on the reliability of whogohost, because I was thinking the issues could be from my end, just when I was about to find out what’s wrong, maybe it’s from my end the worst happened, my WordPress project  is now showing “cannot connect to database”

As if that is not enough the most embarrassing stuff happened, the cpanel started showing 505 error as you can see in the pictures here, GEEZ this conclude my investigation, no  need of investigating further,

Whogohost Database connection errors
Database Connection issues Noticed

After a little conversation with my friend, we accepted I should point his domain to my server and run his site until he could afford a new host, and voila everything worked greatly

control panel of WHOGOHOST error


Whogohost is a nice firm striving to provide low cost hosting for average or low-end consumers, technically glitches like this will arise from overselling or too much squeeze on the server facility by numerous low-end users WHOGOHOST will be great for you if you wish to Host small HTML or personal pages, especially considering the lowest shared hosting plan they are offering.

Their bigger hosting plans may have greater productivity or clustered on a bigger server but that’s a myth am not ready to experiment my cash on for now


Tread carefully with whogohost especially if you think your blog may be getting huge traffic within a short time, wouldn’t it be nice to get foreign based hosting such as Bluehost or arvex. See you could argue with me all day long but I have been in this game for a very long time, do you know that server speed and response time greatly affect your SEO ranking? If you doubt it see 10 factors that will make you rank low and how to avoid it


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