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TOP Blog IDEAS Everyones can derive Topics from


As a web designer and blog creator,  sometimes my clients ask silly questions that are quite amusing to me, stuff like “ See George I really want to get into this blogging stuff but I don’t know what to write on, What ideas can I blog on which will make money for me?”

You know what? For some folks blogging means a lot more than actually expressing themselves, you want to rake in cheques instantaneously, forgetting the efforts, patients and consistency required. This is where you got it wrong, Yes I mean it, everyone wants to be professional like  Darren Rowse,  CEO of without understanding that each of us has our pace and phases

What I was trying to say is that blogging is virtually expression of your ideas into writing,  when it comes to getting new ideas everyone is a newbie, including the overrated top notch bloggers,  ideas come every time even in odd moments, during discussions with friends, eating or even sleeping lol but as it may be, it’s not every idea that may attract huge readership however you got to start from somewhere, it’s been very herculean but soon you will  gain great traction and huge audience

WHY DO YOU BLOG?  Do you know that not all the bloggers on the web make it to the limelight due to the disappointment everyone newbie will surely meet?

Blogging shouldn’t be more focused on making money, Yes we all need to foot some bills but that big notion that every blogger makes huge chunks of cash monthly have left many starters shattered and unmotivated if things get rusty at early stages the first approach should be on solving problems before other things fellows.

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It’s just a wrong approach to seeing blogging as a money minting machine, the fact remains that you can make huge revenue through blogging but this will accumulate over times it may take months or years and your consistency in getting it right, but that will surface in phases, first you will be in newbie phase and this is the most challenging phase, when we hardly get up to 10 visitors daily to advance and experience phase, This is where it starts getting interesting


I will sincerely tell you to follow your passion but of course, it’s not a new thing, you must have heard it a lot,


If you have passion in Photography and have no knowledge in it, it’s like a kid trying to fly an airplane because he wants to be a pilot, you know how everything will turn out to be at the end, (Happy Crashing)

First is to find the Passion then learn more on it, but after that what else?


Here are sample ideas or kick off points where you could begin from.

Run a Blog Contest

This is a nice start up for new launched Blogs, you can announce to your friends on a giveaway promo for doing something such as telling them to make a quality review on certain stuff or products based on experience and win gifts

Write on Recent Experience

you can convert an experience you had or event to blogging topics

Interview someone

This should be cool if you were in fashion or entertainment industry,

Post a cool infographic

Infographic tells a story in pictures, you can reorganize a documentation or training in info graphic manner,

Criticize a website/blog or a person

With points and real facts you can criticize a blog, or a person, this can lead to controversies and attention

Others Includes

Write inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes

 Write down a conspiracy theory

Share your goals/dreams publicly

Make a full case study about something

Write a post in response to some recent post/news

Publish the best comments that your blog has received

Write a post about things you regret doing/not doing

Bring out the most important dates in history

Research and analyze a topic in your industry

Answer to every single comment personally

Share food recipes

Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche

Make a post about future plans

Write about why you actually started blogging

Of course i know this is not an entire list,  it’s inexhaustible,  if you have great points let us add it here by commenting

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YOUNG CEO is an Entrepreneur and Web Designer, sharing ideas and finding out new ways to solving problems makes me happy

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