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How I made ₦1400000 in two Months on Source Forge

Real secret on how I made $4000 plus reselling a script

Do you know about Sourceforge? especially for web designers or webmasters, you can leverage the power of Sourceforge to send in millions of traffic to your site

I am going to share my story on How I made. 1.4 Million Naira just reselling software on SOURCE FORGE  within Two months 

For the fact that I made money doing virtually nothing,  no posting, no regular AdSense or affiliate stuff I know that more opportunity like this about online, however, ARE YOU READY TO SEE  IT? THIS POST WILL WIDEN YOUR HORIZON ON EXPLORING EVERY SITUATION

Did you remember the era of Ponzi schemes such as MMM and TWINKAS?  Men it was really terrific in those days, raising blood pressures and hopes, I once calculated how I will make 20 million in the program if it continues for two years ha hahaha! But sooner than later the vision 2020 became a mirage!

I read in news that some people committed suicide and many still trying to recover from the fall of these programs, my heart felt pity  to you if you were affected, actually everyone was blown away when we heard that you could donate 100k and receive 130k within 30 days

It was really tempting to extent  even seasoned business owners were involved in the most dangerous risk of all time program “MMM”,

I was not left out, (OH yeah who would miss such offer) of course I gave it a try with some cash I had as spare then.

The truth remains that Ponzi programs should  never be seen as business or source of livelihood, it refers to “robbing Peter to pay Paul” However

Being an entrepreneur is all about smart thinking and seizing up opportunities as it unfolds,

After trying to understand  the sugar rush and how people are ripped off,  I developed interest to carve a small trial niche in this venture especially during the period of Ponzies  failure earlier  2017

With the help of an Indian developer I hired online from a freelance portal,  we develop a new small stable Ponzi script, it cost me about 110,000 Naira ($200 ) in bitcoins, The outcome of the software was remarkably great!

How It became my Cash cow!

Because I knew that people will crave to indulge or create platforms for Ponzi, the very first thing I did was to google online to see whats existing, people selling the script and how much it sold, the first discovery stunned my imagination! Out of the first four results on Google, SourceForge always take the lead!

Even though it’s just an ordinary post from unseen seller, the results rank better  than most developers sites dedicated wholly to selling of Ponzi script, the strangest deal here is that the script being sold on SourceForge was actually bought from the real developers by one unseen guy and he is now selling at lower price and using the influence of SourceForge domain authority to outrank the real owners leading to more sales!

Being a smart entrepreneur I followed his steps  registered on SourceForge then post  the   scripts information

Why I used SourceForge

It’s pertinent to understand exactly the area you are embarking on even before commencing, the first thing I found out from my research SourceForge is a beacon of hope for upcoming and new developers looking for scripts or libraries to complete a project,  another discovery I made is that Google prefers results from authority websites. Sourceforge was among the top 10 results when I queried for Ponzi scheme scripts,

Google display Result on ponzi Scheme

So smartly I tapped into it, post my scripts with some screenshot and a workable demo, it was a leap of faith and it paid off

Here  was the sales page on source forge

Twinkas and mmm clone download (ads)

A few days later people started calling! With the convincing evidence of the site and the desperation to own Ponzi schemes, it  led many to start buying it even at costly price, within two sales ( sold as much as 70k per script) I had covered my expenses and still counting

Within 4 weeks I have made over a million naira and in two months million plus, before the decline in that niche, I can’t stop imagining how much others who started before made would have cashed in silently smiling,  am sure most of them will be laughing really hard at me,

The point here is at least I have made some few bucks, it’s an eye-opener on exploring opportunities, Isn’t it more than $4000 right?

Every entrepreneur should always be savvy and have this soul searching zeal to turn around situations to succeed, When you are told about making money online,  it’s not necessarily to go blogging or using AdSense,  initiatives are what actually sells,

There is no path or laid out curve on making revenue online, but the trends,  fashion or events unfolding are the precursor to it

So in the real sense, breaking even online requires you to just look around you, your niche or what you feel is selling hot in your zone, learn it, and offer it for sale, in my own experience,  I wanted to run a private Ponzi program but the demand for the software outshine the usage, yes I knew how hard it was to get it, but one thing I kept on seeing in different forum is the demand to buy a Ponzi script threads opened on daily basis at first I just wanted to see how possible it would be selling to few clients maybe using the cash to run ads on the program however when the demand became intensively hot I abandoned the idea of hosting the project.

After all, what everyone wants is to make some bucks. Owing to the facts that selling is more legitimate than dubious honor in running the program I ported over to selling.

My final remarks

To make it greatly online you need to be very sensitive to changes in trend or fashion and people’s desire or even fears, tap into it by proffering solutions,  this is your cash cow, that being said also means you are gonna make serious research online, doing these stuff doesn’t stop you from engaging in other sources, such as AdSense,  affiliate program or other personal skills you got online


Before I start receiving your request or comments, I am giving out this same script I sold to you freely as a way to motivate you,  all you have to do is to comment here stating your interest and I will get back to you with it

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