Great skills? get to air your view on self made skills [How To]

Sup guys, finally we are rolling out this platform after long awaited talks and procrastinations lol

I’m so delighted having everyone around, first am gonna show you how to use self made skills, and stuff you should expect from us, and when I say Us” it’s you and I ” self made skills was designed to be a collaborative environment for everyone with skills or ideas looking for a platform to air it out,

One remarkable stuff about this platform is that anyone can become a hero, oh yes your ideas can bring you to limelight,  and no idea is a waste, as far as you can put it in readable format,  we will review and approve it,  don’t forget to also include your credits such as Facebook profile and blog URL if you have one,  because that’s where the fun is, imagine having your story and article featured on our home page or being sponsored online by us, it’s a million exposure for newbies!!!!


Its pretty much easy, just use the contribution box in any section of the site, select the type of post you would loved to discuss on, below are samples of topics but let’s allow creativity directs us

Business  – Such as new business people can do with little capital,  How you or someone started a certain business and succeed, business resources ideas or skills

Personality – How to grow good habits, breaking bad ones, leadership skills,  relationship skills and virtually all enviable reputation we can emulate

IDEAS  These are bedrocks of inventions,  for whatever the mind can perceive it can create, , you can share any ideas, tips, and trends which people can use to better our lifestyles-

HOW TO: these are proven records and ways stuffs can be done in any niche, so far as it can help solve a problem,  it’s welcomed here, trainings are also welcomed here

REVIEWS finally you have a business,  gadgets, system or even a person or online services that is over hyped? review it here let’s hear your views  

DOWNLOADS -You can upload stuff and share the links here, however such items must be licensed to you or open source including rights to distribution,  we accept links alone






Each Topic or post must come with at least one Picture to act as featured image.

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Written by YOUNG CEO

YOUNG CEO is an Entrepreneur and Web Designer, sharing ideas and finding out new ways to solving problems makes me happy

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