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    6 Best free WordPress SEO Plugins for This 2017

    seo squirrly

    Here are 5 Free Must have SEO Plugins used by many wordpress sites online to boast search engine ranking.

    Good  SEO Ranking online is the dream everyone who has a site will never stop dreaming and working on. Search engine optimization is never a one time setn up stuff rather a continous activitiy you  will continue to practice on your site

    After you set setting up your wordpress blog with great host and theme, the next thing will be to craft out great and appealing contents, WordPress by default has good SEO structure with good permanent link structures a quality blog should be able to rank well, however with the sophisticated competitions out there, you shouldn’t rely only on WordPress basic SEO performance, the need to improve your blog ranking gives raise to adding more SEO enhancing plugins,

    From My findings online and survey carried out , I have been able to get the best 5 SEO plugins you MUST choose from to boast your page SEO ranking, some are turn-key ( out of the box) while some require little  tweaking. Here are the Best fitted

    Remember its best you use one at a time, don’t try to use all or more than one, SEO requires patient and being crafty but trying to use two plugins that does same purpose is like using two antivirus in one system, you will end up slowing yourself down than achieving its purspose of protection

    #1 Yoast SEO PLUGINYoast wordpress best SEO plugin

    (Yoast is my favorite and I recommend it!)

    WordPress out of the box is already technically quite a good platform for SEO. This was true when Joost wrote his original WordPress SEO article in 2008 and it’s still true today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it further! This plugin is written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects. While this Yoast SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content. Yoast SEO forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere.



    Yoast comes loaded with a lot of features that will enable you optimize your posts on the go, Using the snippet preview, you can see a rendering of what your post or page will look like in the search results, whether your title is too long or too short, and whether your meta description makes sense in the context of a search result.

    ON-PAGE Analysis

    The Yoast SEO plugins Page Analysis functionality checks simple things you’re bound to forget. It checks, for instance, if you have images in your post and whether they have an alt tag containing the focus keyword for that post. It also checks whether your posts are long enough, whether you’ve written a meta description and if that meta description contains your focus keyword, if you’ve used any subheadings within your post, etc. etc.

    Meta & Link Elements

    With the Yoast SEO plugin you can control which pages Google shows in its search results and which pages it doesn’t show. By default, it will tell search engines to index all of your pages, including category and tag archives, but to only show the first pages in the search results. It’s not very useful for a user to end up on the third page of your “personal” category, right?

    XML Sitemaps

    The Yoast SEO plugin has the most advanced XML Sitemaps

    THERE ARE MORE FUCTIONALITIES I WOULDN’T WANT TO BORE YOU, this plugin has free and paid version, More than 5 Million sites are using the free version, I suggest you download the free version


    all-in-one SEO plugin for wordpress

    This ia another great Search engine Optimization plugin with active support and more than 4 million sites are using it, most of my friends are confused between yoast and all in one SEO, in as much as I see Yoast as bit of advance and requires you to tweak each post on the go, I still recommend Yoast, All in one is your next alternative if you think Yoast is more complex for you

    Use All in One SEO Pack to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. It’s easy and works out of the box for beginners, and has advanced features and an API for developers. Which includes

    • XML Sitemap support – submit your sitemap to Google and Bing and improve your SEO
    • Google AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
    • Google Analytics support
    • Support for SEO on Custom Post Types
    • Advanced Canonical URLs
    • Redirect attachment pages to parent post
    • Automatically notifies search engines like Google and Bing about changes to your site
    • Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
    • ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
    • Nonce Security built into All in One SEO Pack
    • Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines
    • Generates META tags automatically


    #3Jetpack by WordPress.com

    wordpress jet pack for SEO

    Jetpack is not entirely an SEO plugins but sure you can’t miss it out when SEO is mentioned, because its all in one suit for SEO, Security, Social media, other site gadgets and even monetization tools

    Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Jetpack includes:

    •  Site stats and analytics
    •  Automatic sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp
    •  Related posts
    •  Search engine optimization tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com
    •  Advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo



    seo squirrly

    This plugin will help newbie that sees, Yoast  and all in one SEO Much complex, it comes with many features on install,

    SEO Squirrly is for the NON-SEO experts. Get Excellent SEO with Better Content, Ranking and Analytics. For Both Humans and Search Bots.

    SEO Squirrly helps you write content that is SEO friendly and Human-friendly at the same time. You’ll get to improve your Google rankings while providing your readers with great content.

    See your SEO Stats and improve on them with your weekly reports from one of the best SEO tools Audit website. It will also help you find the best keywords your site could rank for.

    It is recommended by Neil Patel, the co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg. Also by Brian Dean and over 100 content marketing experts.


    The best things is: YOU DON’T have to be an search engine optimization expert to use it. WAIT, you don’t even need to know about all that.

    Squirrly will help you write great content, will show you where your WordPress needs improvements and it will even help you learn all about content marketing and SEO strategies through email training and access to the Knowledge Base.

    It also works well with many other plugins and themes that you might already have in your site. It even works well in WordPress sites that already have Yoast and All In One SEO. You can even opt-in to keep your SEO settings, so no need to start over again

    From the On-page Optimization to the Content Audit tool, it offers you all the information you need to become an SEO star.

    #5.WP Meta SEO PLUGIN

    SEO META wp plugins

    Just like other SEO Plugins, WP Meta SEO has major functionalities:

    • Bulk edit all website meta on a single view
    • Edit meta in content with live SEO analysis
    • Fix HTML image resizing in content
    • Bulk edit image file name and meta
    • Bulk edit SEO link title
    • 404 errors redirect and internal broken link checker
    • Add Google Analytics tracking information and display statistics in WordPress
    • Generate XML and HTML sitemaps
    • Facebook and Twitter social sharing custom elements per content
    • Breadcrumb generator

    It’s a great plugins and has many more features that are updated weekly

    #6. Smush Image Compression and Optimizationwp sumsh plugin

    I know you will be wondering why I added this plugin when SEO is the keyword here, however you can’t get it right without considering site speed, if all your optimization are perfect without considering your site speed (which image constitute partly,.)  Your SEO ranking will be affected

    Resize, optimize and compress all of your images with the incredibly powerful free WordPress image smusher,

    Image Optimization

    Most of our concerns with regards to image optimization is on how to avoid our images to losing its quality right? Smush has been benchmarked and tested number one for speed and quality and is the award-winning, proven crowd favorite image optimization plugin for WordPress.

    Now with image resizing! Set a max width and height and large images will scale down as they are being compressed.

    WPMU DEV’s servers do all the heavy lifting. Strip hidden bulky information from your images and reduce file size without losing quality.

    Large image files may be slowing down your site without you even knowing it. WP Smush uses WPMU DEV’s super servers to quickly smush every single one of your images and cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your site.

    If you are considering SEO as a blogger or advancement in SEO these are the best picked plugins you will lay hands to kickstart

    there are dozens of  SEO plugins out there some may not exactly solve your SEo needs, and others may require uograde to paid versions , this was why i am not recommending most of them but if you have had a good experience with anyone not inlcuded here share with me

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    Whogohost Web hosting review

    Whogohost, a Nigerian based web hosting firm is highly over rated, I recently made a post on best rated Nigerian based web hosting firms and whogohost was among the first four choices I selected based on my previous experience in 2016 and all my friends on Nairalands

    This is not a review but an encounter which should guide you on what to expect from whogohost or any Nigerian based web hosting company for now, My message to  my Nigerian web hosting firms :  if you really you guys want us to buy “Naija to grow Naija”, you have to give us the best,

    Would you blame president Buhari for his medical trip to London? He knows that Nigeria will always remain Nigeria; Life is precious to be experimented on!  Before they will give him expired drug imported from China, hahaha, seriously? Same goes to your online presence, your life online greatly depends on your web host and you can’t play hide & seek with it,

    So the point here is

    Web hosting in Nigeria is still far from being realistic if this experience is what to go by, So I am also advising the management of whogohost Nigeria to step up their game this is really bad,


    A friend of mine requested I should assist him to come up with a nice blog interface for mentorship and couching, (It takes me little or nothing to do since it’s my area of expertise) on requesting for server login information, WOW since it’s whogohost, I had the confidence on reliability of the host, so I proceeded to start work, on the first night I tried uploading a theme through WordPress interface, after a long time of waiting, the response  I got a was a PHP.INI warning on over exceeded upload limit,  The theme was only 5.4MB. Hmm knowing full well I can’t upload the theme using the WordPress interface I contacted my friend requesting for his control panel  logins in order to enable me to upload from file his manager,    work began, after uploading the 5.4mb theme in zip format inside the themes folder, I extracted  it and proceed to WordPress admin, activate the theme,

    However everything was pretty messed up,  “a lot of errors”, my theme  cannot work properly due to my server settings, most pre-installed plugins are not left out, even the demo import feature couldn’t function, this new development dashed my hope on using the theme, I had to relax till next day maybe to figure out a new theme

    Next Day Next Wahala

    Straight from bed to the web, I got another new theme to replace the failed one, this new theme is 17MB in size and obviously I must use the file manager to upload it; however, this is where the most annoying issue arose.

    It took more than 4 minutes for file manager to open under 3G connections; while I was waiting I decided to log in to my web4africa cpanel. within seconds I was in, this event raised my suspicion on the reliability of whogohost, because I was thinking the issues could be from my end, just when I was about to find out what’s wrong, maybe it’s from my end the worst happened, my WordPress project  is now showing “cannot connect to database”

    As if that is not enough the most embarrassing stuff happened, the cpanel started showing 505 error as you can see in the pictures here, GEEZ this conclude my investigation, no  need of investigating further,

    Whogohost Database connection errors
    Database Connection issues Noticed

    After a little conversation with my friend, we accepted I should point his domain to my server and run his site until he could afford a new host, and voila everything worked greatly

    control panel of WHOGOHOST error


    Whogohost is a nice firm striving to provide low cost hosting for average or low-end consumers, technically glitches like this will arise from overselling or too much squeeze on the server facility by numerous low-end users WHOGOHOST will be great for you if you wish to Host small HTML or personal pages, especially considering the lowest shared hosting plan they are offering.

    Their bigger hosting plans may have greater productivity or clustered on a bigger server but that’s a myth am not ready to experiment my cash on for now


    Tread carefully with whogohost especially if you think your blog may be getting huge traffic within a short time, wouldn’t it be nice to get foreign based hosting such as Bluehost or arvex. See you could argue with me all day long but I have been in this game for a very long time, do you know that server speed and response time greatly affect your SEO ranking? If you doubt it see 10 factors that will make you rank low and how to avoid it



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    Strong Business Relationship? 4 Unique ways to it!!

    strong unique business relationship to keep audience

    Here are 4 Unique Smart Ways to Build Strong Business Relationship

    Are you trying to build strong business and lasting audience or lasting client based relationship that can turn out to be even closer to family friends or fans

    A successful way to move your business forward can come in different forms and ways, A close relationship is one of them, Relationships need trust and rapport, which requires consistent contact over time.

    This article is not just for offline business owners, even online merchants can leverage on these tips

    How can you nurture and build solid connections?

    #1. Originality Still Sells!

    The life we know comes in different shades and unique IF YOU really wish to get strong you must be who you are and accept others as they are. Your clients are the most important shakers of your business building a close business relationship also involves tolerating and adapting to some character or principle of others, the authenticity of connecting personality, beliefs, reasons and point of view can accelerate relationships.

    #2. Sincere and Heartfelt Communication:

    Hey, you are busy, selfish, ambitious and wants all attention on yourself, You want to start a business now make it big and buy all the luxuries, vacation and mansions in Lekki or Dubai, therefore, Bombarding your new clients with hundreds of offers just to take out all the cash!

    This is a pitfall, I know you see communication as reaching out to your clients maybe telling them when you got offers or promo or announcement of new services… definitely a No for me, if you really want your clients to start seeing you from an ordinary money conscious hustler to a sincere business advisers they can trust, you need to start getting it personally, When last did you call to inquire about their life outside business such as a birthday discussion or a sincere heartfelt advice on other areas beyond your business interest?  This is also essential as the way you commute with others determines how strong the relationship would be both in the business world and outside,

    In today’s world, there is a huge variety of ways to keep in contact with your clients/partners, either from email and social media to phone calls or even texting. You should make yourself as available as possible for clients/partners to get in contact and reply promptly and politely to any inquiries

    You should make yourself as available as possible for clients/partners to get in contact and reply promptly and politely to any inquiries

    #3. Identify your kind:

    Identifying your kind simply means associating with people with shared goals and values, in doing this you create a good understanding and idea. Share your knowledge and apply your skills to a wider range of problems, you will find communication easy.

    It doesn’t mean you can’t relate with people with shared goals, all you simply do is to share your idea and build the mutual understanding between both of you.

    #4. Be helpful:

    Most at times people meet us for a solution, be kind enough to help and as you do that you are building a good and strong relationship with the person. it helps in business as you get recognized and contacts begin to come in.

    sometimes we feel we are very professional and by that way finding it difficult to help but frankly just be of help in the best way possible, it doesn’t mean you won’t charge them a fee in the course of helping them finding a solution them but you try to find a solution and allow that lead to a negotiation. In business generally one needs to be very smart

    This was how I got to build my Computer based clients as an engineer and I hope it will be useful to you too

    Here is my another Post on how to become a successful entrepreneur

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    How I made ₦1400000 in two Months on Source Forge

    Do you know about Sourceforge? especially for web designers or webmasters, you can leverage the power of Sourceforge to send in millions of traffic to your site

    I am going to share my story on How I made. 1.4 Million Naira just reselling software on SOURCE FORGE  within Two months 

    For the fact that I made money doing virtually nothing,  no posting, no regular AdSense or affiliate stuff I know that more opportunity like this about online, however, ARE YOU READY TO SEE  IT? THIS POST WILL WIDEN YOUR HORIZON ON EXPLORING EVERY SITUATION

    Did you remember the era of Ponzi schemes such as MMM and TWINKAS?  Men it was really terrific in those days, raising blood pressures and hopes, I once calculated how I will make 20 million in the program if it continues for two years ha hahaha! But sooner than later the vision 2020 became a mirage!

    I read in news that some people committed suicide and many still trying to recover from the fall of these programs, my heart felt pity  to you if you were affected, actually everyone was blown away when we heard that you could donate 100k and receive 130k within 30 days

    It was really tempting to extent  even seasoned business owners were involved in the most dangerous risk of all time program “MMM”,

    I was not left out, (OH yeah who would miss such offer) of course I gave it a try with some cash I had as spare then.

    The truth remains that Ponzi programs should  never be seen as business or source of livelihood, it refers to “robbing Peter to pay Paul” However

    Being an entrepreneur is all about smart thinking and seizing up opportunities as it unfolds,

    After trying to understand  the sugar rush and how people are ripped off,  I developed interest to carve a small trial niche in this venture especially during the period of Ponzies  failure earlier  2017

    With the help of an Indian developer I hired online from a freelance portal,  we develop a new small stable Ponzi script, it cost me about 110,000 Naira ($200 ) in bitcoins, The outcome of the software was remarkably great!

    How It became my Cash cow!

    Because I knew that people will crave to indulge or create platforms for Ponzi, the very first thing I did was to google online to see whats existing, people selling the script and how much it sold, the first discovery stunned my imagination! Out of the first four results on Google, SourceForge always take the lead!

    Even though it’s just an ordinary post from unseen seller, the results rank better  than most developers sites dedicated wholly to selling of Ponzi script, the strangest deal here is that the script being sold on SourceForge was actually bought from the real developers by one unseen guy and he is now selling at lower price and using the influence of SourceForge domain authority to outrank the real owners leading to more sales!

    Being a smart entrepreneur I followed his steps  registered on SourceForge then post  the   scripts information

    Why I used SourceForge

    It’s pertinent to understand exactly the area you are embarking on even before commencing, the first thing I found out from my research SourceForge is a beacon of hope for upcoming and new developers looking for scripts or libraries to complete a project,  another discovery I made is that Google prefers results from authority websites. Sourceforge was among the top 10 results when I queried for Ponzi scheme scripts,

    Google display Result on ponzi Scheme

    So smartly I tapped into it, post my scripts with some screenshot and a workable demo, it was a leap of faith and it paid off

    Here  was the sales page on source forge

    Twinkas and mmm clone download (ads)

    A few days later people started calling! With the convincing evidence of the site and the desperation to own Ponzi schemes, it  led many to start buying it even at costly price, within two sales ( sold as much as 70k per script) I had covered my expenses and still counting

    Within 4 weeks I have made over a million naira and in two months million plus, before the decline in that niche, I can’t stop imagining how much others who started before made would have cashed in silently smiling,  am sure most of them will be laughing really hard at me,

    The point here is at least I have made some few bucks, it’s an eye-opener on exploring opportunities, Isn’t it more than $4000 right?

    Every entrepreneur should always be savvy and have this soul searching zeal to turn around situations to succeed, When you are told about making money online,  it’s not necessarily to go blogging or using AdSense,  initiatives are what actually sells,

    There is no path or laid out curve on making revenue online, but the trends,  fashion or events unfolding are the precursor to it

    So in the real sense, breaking even online requires you to just look around you, your niche or what you feel is selling hot in your zone, learn it, and offer it for sale, in my own experience,  I wanted to run a private Ponzi program but the demand for the software outshine the usage, yes I knew how hard it was to get it, but one thing I kept on seeing in different forum is the demand to buy a Ponzi script threads opened on daily basis at first I just wanted to see how possible it would be selling to few clients maybe using the cash to run ads on the program however when the demand became intensively hot I abandoned the idea of hosting the project.

    After all, what everyone wants is to make some bucks. Owing to the facts that selling is more legitimate than dubious honor in running the program I ported over to selling.

    My final remarks

    To make it greatly online you need to be very sensitive to changes in trend or fashion and people’s desire or even fears, tap into it by proffering solutions,  this is your cash cow, that being said also means you are gonna make serious research online, doing these stuff doesn’t stop you from engaging in other sources, such as AdSense,  affiliate program or other personal skills you got online


    Before I start receiving your request or comments, I am giving out this same script I sold to you freely as a way to motivate you,  all you have to do is to comment here stating your interest and I will get back to you with it

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    3 simple ways to stay motivated

    When I started learning a new skill online,  my greatest challenges has always been “Finishing what I started”  You felt it’s only you? Nay, I feel like that too, losing interest and zeal, it got to a point you would need external influence or someone to motivate you before you can swing into action

    According to Wikipedia

    “Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one’s direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior.”

    It’s really bad but these days I figured a way to get   over it, I know with this little approach which worked for me, you should too, because an unmotivated person ends up same like a procrastinator, it’s not cool, in fact, it would have been nice not getting started at all

    How do you motivate yourself?

    first, we all know motivation the act of giving someone a reason for doing something, and without much argument, we can all agree to this as we need someone or something that can trigger the inner you.

    To learn how to motivate you, follow this few quick guide below:


    1. What inspires you?

    A very good step towards motivating yourself is to have a purpose of action, of course you don’t just start projects without finding out how long or the phases it will take before fruition, I use to advise my students “always know your strength, and your yielding point”!, Patient is a virtue and it’s not everyone that has it, for instance, new bloggers find it very difficult to be focused or continue during their first 1-3 months the overlaying reason being impatient for traffic and SEO ranking. Let’s assume you are new to blogging, maybe after the munbo jumbo your friends told you on instant making money blog, however venturing into blogging now has more than meets the eye, but as a focused person who sees the future and understands that it could take up to 2-4 months before paychecks starts rolling in, this reason will inspire you and make you do whatever it takes to challenge all of the obstacles, so you can achieve your goals, and so in order to stay inspired you need to focus on your goal that got you inspired.

    Ask yourself what you want to achieve, and write it down clearly and in as much detail as possible.

    * Think of what your outcome would be in future if achieved.

    * Don’t forget to take note of what really got you inspired.

    1. What is your goal?

    After the first step, we move to you the next which is having a goal that you want to achieve. Having a great goal is crucial because it is very difficult to motivate yourself if you don’t have a specific goal that you want to accomplish, a big goal has a big effect and can create a lot of motivation.

    1. Execute in bits:

    This is also an important part because after setting and programming your mind in order for you to get where you want to be it requires serious effort. You need to start taking small steps, so you can get to where you want to be. Stay positive once started, it will become easy for you to continue moving forward and actualizing your aim.

    Motivation Goes with entrepreneurship, Here are great steps you can take to becoming a successful entrepreneur

    This simple approached worked great for me! Did you find anything useful making you to be more focused? Let’s hear it and I will add it

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    6 features new blogs *MUST* consider in Choosing a Theme

    How to choose the best wordpress Theme

    New to Blogging? or you wish to switch to a new theme from your old theme? here are some pieces of stuff you must consider if you do not wish to pitfall into a ditch

    I wish to write this guide for you in simple sentences, as a novice because that was how I learned mine after all whats learning if no message was passed?

    Blogging is now a very serious  huge business for determined and talented people, however, talent is never enough in art of blogging, your choice of theme/ design will greatly affect your credibility,search engine ranking, site speed and bounce rate


    I partly disagree with bloggers who form ignorant on the role of themes to site speed, we have lots of themes out there with sophisticated features, the last I came across “NEWSPAPER8”for wordpress, you will fall in love instantly with how nicely customizable the theme is, however, I must warn you as a newbie, you don’t need all these features, it’s so enormous that even stuffs you wouldn’t need are packed with it,

    Even though  50 percent of your site performance and speed depends on your server resources (Web Host) but a theme with a lot of JavaScript’s calls, plugins (Which may be buggy) and heavy graphics, is very dangerous & injurious to your site performance  if you want to prove me right, try to switch to any of the wordpress default themes on your blog then check the speed using GTmatrix

    Some beautiful and impressive-looking themes are actually poorly coded and can slow your site way down.

    It’s usually better to go with a simpler theme and use quality plugins to get the features you need than to choose a theme that’s bloated with complex layouts, flashy animations, and other unnecessary features that will end up killing your site ranking


    There are numerous simple well-optimized themes out there, a little Googling will show you some best themes you can use, although you can be choosy especially depending on the type of blog nice your writing on personal blogs should be straight forward and simple, with little or no heavy graphics

    A great theme has two segments VISITORS segments and OWNERS SEGMENTS

    The visitor’s segment includes the following


    A good wordpress theme must be user friendly

    Your motive of writing contents is for your audience to access it without impairment, any theme that makes your contents unreadable, bad navigation or small fonts should be avoided, don’t go for looks, go for a simple organized theme


    Aesthetically AMAZING: don’t get me confused, just because I said you shouldn’t go for looks now we went for a very bad and ugly theme lol, No! What I mean is that you should try the strike a balance between looks and optimization,


    RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE FRIENDLYWorpress Theme Must be Mobile Responsive

    in most developing nations especially in Africa, 70 percent of web users and traffics come through mobile, it’s a game changer and most brand fully mobile. As a start up blogger, you don’t need to start on a wrong path, a good theme must be able to fit into every screen size of your audience (RESPONSIVE)


    best wordpress themes should have speed and light weight

    Of course, a well-coded theme should be light weight and have improved speed, avoid those themes with a lot of builders attached in theme you are more centered on contents and simple arrangements, not super structure and remember no one likes a slow website, even in Google ranking, optimization and speed are sacrosanct


    easy and unique, stand out from the crowd best wordpress theme

    Finally, the theme should be able to allow you present your contents, in a unique manner to stand out from the crowd





    Search Engine optimization is very crucial to outranking your competitors out there; a very good theme should be able to have these features, and well structured, conically generated links, good

    SUPPORT: The theme must be supported actively by the developer, you don’t want to use a theme that will be abandoned and in future become too outdated leaving you vulnerable and if it’s a premium theme it should be affordable

    The set up should be easy and less time consuming, you don’t want to spend all your time trying to figure out  how this or that works, nice themes also come with well layout documentation and demo import (Quick Start)

    You may consider some of this Themes , I came across on some sites, free and paid





    Still Thinking on how to get blog ideas?  Here is a laid out tutorial on how you can get blogging ideas including examples

    You think am missing something? You bet i didnt cover everything? challenge me with your knowldege using my comment box and i will prove you wrong

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    How to get great Ideas for Viral blogs and Traffics

    TOP Blog IDEAS Everyones can derive Topics from


    As a web designer and blog creator,  sometimes my clients ask silly questions that are quite amusing to me, stuff like “ See George I really want to get into this blogging stuff but I don’t know what to write on, What ideas can I blog on which will make money for me?”

    You know what? For some folks blogging means a lot more than actually expressing themselves, you want to rake in cheques instantaneously, forgetting the efforts, patients and consistency required. This is where you got it wrong, Yes I mean it, everyone wants to be professional like  Darren Rowse,  CEO of Problogger.com without understanding that each of us has our pace and phases

    What I was trying to say is that blogging is virtually expression of your ideas into writing,  when it comes to getting new ideas everyone is a newbie, including the overrated top notch bloggers,  ideas come every time even in odd moments, during discussions with friends, eating or even sleeping lol but as it may be, it’s not every idea that may attract huge readership however you got to start from somewhere, it’s been very herculean but soon you will  gain great traction and huge audience

    WHY DO YOU BLOG?  Do you know that not all the bloggers on the web make it to the limelight due to the disappointment everyone newbie will surely meet?

    Blogging shouldn’t be more focused on making money, Yes we all need to foot some bills but that big notion that every blogger makes huge chunks of cash monthly have left many starters shattered and unmotivated if things get rusty at early stages the first approach should be on solving problems before other things fellows.

    You may want to read the 6 Steps every entrepreneur must follow to be successful

    It’s just a wrong approach to seeing blogging as a money minting machine, the fact remains that you can make huge revenue through blogging but this will accumulate over times it may take months or years and your consistency in getting it right, but that will surface in phases, first you will be in newbie phase and this is the most challenging phase, when we hardly get up to 10 visitors daily to advance and experience phase, This is where it starts getting interesting


    I will sincerely tell you to follow your passion but of course, it’s not a new thing, you must have heard it a lot,


    If you have passion in Photography and have no knowledge in it, it’s like a kid trying to fly an airplane because he wants to be a pilot, you know how everything will turn out to be at the end, (Happy Crashing)

    First is to find the Passion then learn more on it, but after that what else?


    Here are sample ideas or kick off points where you could begin from.

    Run a Blog Contest

    This is a nice start up for new launched Blogs, you can announce to your friends on a giveaway promo for doing something such as telling them to make a quality review on certain stuff or products based on experience and win gifts

    Write on Recent Experience

    you can convert an experience you had or event to blogging topics

    Interview someone

    This should be cool if you were in fashion or entertainment industry,

    Post a cool infographic

    Infographic tells a story in pictures, you can reorganize a documentation or training in info graphic manner,

    Criticize a website/blog or a person

    With points and real facts you can criticize a blog, or a person, this can lead to controversies and attention

    Others Includes

    Write inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes

     Write down a conspiracy theory

    Share your goals/dreams publicly

    Make a full case study about something

    Write a post in response to some recent post/news

    Publish the best comments that your blog has received

    Write a post about things you regret doing/not doing

    Bring out the most important dates in history

    Research and analyze a topic in your industry

    Answer to every single comment personally

    Share food recipes

    Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche

    Make a post about future plans

    Write about why you actually started blogging

    Of course i know this is not an entire list,  it’s inexhaustible,  if you have great points let us add it here by commenting

    Here are the best web hosting companies in Nigeria every blogger can use

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    2017 Best Web hosting Companies in Nigeria [ Based on Votes ] (Open list) (6 submissions)

    Web hosting in Nigeria have taken another great milestone, gone are the days where Nigerian providers are just reselling services, nowadays top leading companies such as whogohost and smartweb Nigeria have upgraded their facilities to provide efficient and award winning services,

    However my recommendations for local based web hosting solutions is based on budgets and the kind of projects you wish to embark on

    This is a Comprehensive list of Webhosting in Nigeria and it will keep on changing or updated by users, this means that you can recommend or add any new or good hosting you have used in Nigeria

    Are you thinking of starting a small blog which may grow to a big problogging site? Then you may have to start small by using Nigerian based web hosting especially when you consider the exchange rates, you can always migrate to foreign based


    if you were thinking of starting a huge database driven project such as social network, a big private or business e-commerce web site, I MAY NOT FULLY support the idea of indulging in it,

    I had a terrible experience with Smart web around February This Year, and will talk more on them, I lost all my files and data when there was a server issue, this experience caused me some high profiled clients

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