6 features new blogs *MUST* consider in Choosing a Theme

For Speed, good Ranking and increase site interactivity

How to choose the best wordpress Theme
Speed, SEO and Presentation are features of good WordPress theme

New to Blogging? or you wish to switch to a new theme from your old theme? here are some pieces of stuff you must consider if you do not wish to pitfall into a ditch

I wish to write this guide for you in simple sentences, as a novice because that was how I learned mine after all whats learning if no message was passed?

Blogging is now a very serious  huge business for determined and talented people, however, talent is never enough in art of blogging, your choice of theme/ design will greatly affect your credibility,search engine ranking, site speed and bounce rate


I partly disagree with bloggers who form ignorant on the role of themes to site speed, we have lots of themes out there with sophisticated features, the last I came across “NEWSPAPER8”for wordpress, you will fall in love instantly with how nicely customizable the theme is, however, I must warn you as a newbie, you don’t need all these features, it’s so enormous that even stuffs you wouldn’t need are packed with it,

Even though  50 percent of your site performance and speed depends on your server resources (Web Host) but a theme with a lot of JavaScript’s calls, plugins (Which may be buggy) and heavy graphics, is very dangerous & injurious to your site performance  if you want to prove me right, try to switch to any of the wordpress default themes on your blog then check the speed using GTmatrix

Some beautiful and impressive-looking themes are actually poorly coded and can slow your site way down.

It’s usually better to go with a simpler theme and use quality plugins to get the features you need than to choose a theme that’s bloated with complex layouts, flashy animations, and other unnecessary features that will end up killing your site ranking


There are numerous simple well-optimized themes out there, a little Googling will show you some best themes you can use, although you can be choosy especially depending on the type of blog nice your writing on personal blogs should be straight forward and simple, with little or no heavy graphics

A great theme has two segments VISITORS segments and OWNERS SEGMENTS

The visitor’s segment includes the following


A good wordpress theme must be user friendly

Your motive of writing contents is for your audience to access it without impairment, any theme that makes your contents unreadable, bad navigation or small fonts should be avoided, don’t go for looks, go for a simple organized theme


Aesthetically AMAZING: don’t get me confused, just because I said you shouldn’t go for looks now we went for a very bad and ugly theme lol, No! What I mean is that you should try the strike a balance between looks and optimization,


RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE FRIENDLYWorpress Theme Must be Mobile Responsive

in most developing nations especially in Africa, 70 percent of web users and traffics come through mobile, it’s a game changer and most brand fully mobile. As a start up blogger, you don’t need to start on a wrong path, a good theme must be able to fit into every screen size of your audience (RESPONSIVE)


best wordpress themes should have speed and light weight

Of course, a well-coded theme should be light weight and have improved speed, avoid those themes with a lot of builders attached in theme you are more centered on contents and simple arrangements, not super structure and remember no one likes a slow website, even in Google ranking, optimization and speed are sacrosanct


easy and unique, stand out from the crowd best wordpress theme

Finally, the theme should be able to allow you present your contents, in a unique manner to stand out from the crowd





Search Engine optimization is very crucial to outranking your competitors out there; a very good theme should be able to have these features, and well structured, conically generated links, good

SUPPORT: The theme must be supported actively by the developer, you don’t want to use a theme that will be abandoned and in future become too outdated leaving you vulnerable and if it’s a premium theme it should be affordable

The set up should be easy and less time consuming, you don’t want to spend all your time trying to figure out  how this or that works, nice themes also come with well layout documentation and demo import (Quick Start)

You may consider some of this Themes , I came across on some sites, free and paid





Still Thinking on how to get blog ideas?  Here is a laid out tutorial on how you can get blogging ideas including examples

You think am missing something? You bet i didnt cover everything? challenge me with your knowldege using my comment box and i will prove you wrong

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