Strong Business Relationship? 4 Unique ways to it!!

strong unique business relationship to keep audience

Here are 4 Unique Smart Ways to Build Strong Business Relationship

Are you trying to build strong business and lasting audience or lasting client based relationship that can turn out to be even closer to family friends or fans

A successful way to move your business forward can come in different forms and ways, A close relationship is one of them, Relationships need trust and rapport, which requires consistent contact over time.

This article is not just for offline business owners, even online merchants can leverage on these tips

How can you nurture and build solid connections?

#1. Originality Still Sells!

The life we know comes in different shades and unique IF YOU really wish to get strong you must be who you are and accept others as they are. Your clients are the most important shakers of your business building a close business relationship also involves tolerating and adapting to some character or principle of others, the authenticity of connecting personality, beliefs, reasons and point of view can accelerate relationships.

#2. Sincere and Heartfelt Communication:

Hey, you are busy, selfish, ambitious and wants all attention on yourself, You want to start a business now make it big and buy all the luxuries, vacation and mansions in Lekki or Dubai, therefore, Bombarding your new clients with hundreds of offers just to take out all the cash!

This is a pitfall, I know you see communication as reaching out to your clients maybe telling them when you got offers or promo or announcement of new services… definitely a No for me, if you really want your clients to start seeing you from an ordinary money conscious hustler to a sincere business advisers they can trust, you need to start getting it personally, When last did you call to inquire about their life outside business such as a birthday discussion or a sincere heartfelt advice on other areas beyond your business interest?  This is also essential as the way you commute with others determines how strong the relationship would be both in the business world and outside,

In today’s world, there is a huge variety of ways to keep in contact with your clients/partners, either from email and social media to phone calls or even texting. You should make yourself as available as possible for clients/partners to get in contact and reply promptly and politely to any inquiries

You should make yourself as available as possible for clients/partners to get in contact and reply promptly and politely to any inquiries

#3. Identify your kind:

Identifying your kind simply means associating with people with shared goals and values, in doing this you create a good understanding and idea. Share your knowledge and apply your skills to a wider range of problems, you will find communication easy.

It doesn’t mean you can’t relate with people with shared goals, all you simply do is to share your idea and build the mutual understanding between both of you.

#4. Be helpful:

Most at times people meet us for a solution, be kind enough to help and as you do that you are building a good and strong relationship with the person. it helps in business as you get recognized and contacts begin to come in.

sometimes we feel we are very professional and by that way finding it difficult to help but frankly just be of help in the best way possible, it doesn’t mean you won’t charge them a fee in the course of helping them finding a solution them but you try to find a solution and allow that lead to a negotiation. In business generally one needs to be very smart

This was how I got to build my Computer based clients as an engineer and I hope it will be useful to you too

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